About the blog:

The mission of HerLuxuriousAfrica is to inspire you to find inspiration in your daily life to live your best life and curate this life deliberately daily. The blog celebrates luxe and chic living. The content will inspire you to seek your best life and to live life according to your best potential, competing to be your best self in all aspects of your life:

your career

your intellectual pursuits

your style

your beautiful home

your creation of your beautiful life.

 Come on the journey with me and let me know what you think along the way.

About me:

I am a creative person, lover of beautiful luxe things. I have a Masters in corporate law and an MBA so I get life/study/work balance. I love great products, brands, and gorgeous service providers. I love learning and have a love of beautiful clothes and spaces. I love sharing my passion with others. I also happen to be a PhD candidate in luxury branding and would love to share my love of academia and the great need for African theory. I love Africa and its potential.

I hope this space will be a great destination to inspire you to deliberately curate a love that you love and to inspire you towards some intellectual swag.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/herluxuriousafrica

Instagram: @herluxuriousafrica

Twitter: @earthbabytaz


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