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The French have a saying “Bon chic, bon genre” meaning good style = good attitude.  Great style is effortless, looks at quality over quantity and is the ultimate self-expression. Being chic means different things to different people and dressing for yourself.

Why not make 2017 a year to find your style through a well curated wardrobe and edited pieces.

What is your personal style?

Have your own unique style that accentuates your best parts and suits your lifestyle. No one can dictate this to you as it is a means of self-expression, and a little experimentation will help you to find your own personal style.

Less is more

Choose quality over quantity. Only buy items that you love 100%. Your wardrobe should be an expression of your perfect style, therefore, be very selective. Your wardrobe should inspire you to get up, get dressed and face the day.

Have strong foundation pieces

Your wardrobe should work as a cohesive whole on the foundation of great basics.Your wardrobe should have pieces that you can harmonise for different occasions.

Foundation Pieces

Little black dress

Little white dress

An oversized button down white shirt

Blazer: Blue and Black

Biker jacket

Breton t-shirts

Simple great quality t-shirts

Cashmere cardigans

Oversized sweater

Dark denims

Well fitted lack pants

Light trench coat

Silk scarf

Thick scarf

Quality quilted bag

Oversized sunglasses

Black heels

Brown heels

Neutral flats

Creating a great and wearable wardrobe is about being deliberate with your choices and making sure that whatever you bring into your home is something you absolutely love.

By Taz

The mission of this blog is to inspire you to find inspiration in your daily life to live your best life and curate this life deliberately daily. The blog aims to challenge you to have an inspired life in your: finding balance in your life from an African traditional perspective career intellectual pursuits your style your beautiful home your creation of your beautiful life. Come on the journey with me and let me know what you think along the way.

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