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My life was perfect, well close to perfect as humanly possible. I had balance – family, work, friends, PhD studies and a blog. Then one day boom! all that changed. My life had to take a different turn and never in my wildest imagination did I think that my life would go in that direction as it went against everything that I had neatly planned for my life. So how do we elegantly accept life changes and allow ourselves to move on as swiftly and as painlessly as possible.



  1. Allow yourself to  grieve your former self before and as you undertake your journey.
  2. Know that not everyone will accept your new life and that relationships will fall along the way.
  3. Know that there is nothing wrong with you and that your whole life has been preparing you for this new path. You are strong enough to handle it.
  4. Trust the process of your growth and take each step with all you have because you are birthing a new life.
  5. Trust in a higher power and seek help from experts.
  6. Find someone to talk it through with so you can process how you will navigate your new life and merge your old life with your new life.
  7. Let go of what no longer serves you. Release.
  8. Choose love not fear. Do not walk in fear but with an open embrace of the new you that is becoming greater.
  9. It is okay not to know all details. When the dust settles, you will get a greater sense of why you went through certain things. Be grateful for the lessons.
  10. This was my biggest lesson: You have to embrace the darkness and walk through the belly of darkness for after darkness comes light. There is no light without darkness.

Go get your new life!!! This is my new life:


By Taz

The mission of this blog is to inspire you to find inspiration in your daily life to live your best life and curate this life deliberately daily. The blog aims to challenge you to have an inspired life in your: finding balance in your life from an African traditional perspective career intellectual pursuits your style your beautiful home your creation of your beautiful life. Come on the journey with me and let me know what you think along the way.


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    Gift Kgoroba

    So true and I concur. Never allow people to determine your destination. Thokoza Gogo

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    Thanks Tazz. Very insightful thoughts. Whatever new journey you’re on, keep sharing. You’re a strong woman.

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    Its amazing how many people will relate to this!!! There’s a lot of strength in vulnerability! The light will shine again tomorrow!

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