Kopano “Kalvyn” More Change Is Changing: Write Your Own Story or Some Idiot Will [Part 1 of 3]

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This book by Kopano “Kalvyn” More has a very catchy title, Change Is Changing: Write Your Own Story or Some Idiot Will.  It introduced me to the concept of citizenship principle – a concept that I will delve into in Series 3 of this conversation.

The book is dedicated to the youth of South Africa and Africa with a foreword by the Princess of Africa Mme Yvonne Chaka Chaka. She is clear that Africa should rise up for all and not just for the elite few. She posits that we should refuse for Africa to be continuously raped and rucked by applying our knowledge and affirming once and for all that Africa is about excellence and not mediocrity. This is the central message of More’s book, an unapologetic radical challenge to African youth to rise up and be counted.

The book is a daring call to action that demands no less than the best from every African. Africa represents great opportunities and we are in a region that is undergoing great change and we can help drive that change. It is a great time to be African! We can through our individual actions help shape Africa – an Africa that has both social unity and economic justice. “This is no era of bystanders and finger pointers” (More, 2015). He opines that in times of chaos – citizens seek inspirational leaders; in times of injustices – societies demand answers; and it is in times of struggle – heroes are born. We need to look for that leader in us and refuse to be a part of the crowd but this requires “tornado courage” (More, 2015).

How do we do this?

More advocates for us to discover new information by increasing our intellectual capital and social capital (through meeting new people). Part of the journey includes a journey into self to find your own destiny bearing in mind that “Every Leader has a Leader” (More, 2015). Africans have to become apprentices to African masters and always be open to learning. As you work on yourself and seize opportunities to become a better selfless African. Just remember “Don’t Just Show Up, Rise Up” and always have your next step plotted even if you are not ready.

The book is an honest revelation about the short stick that Africa has been dealt through colonialism and exploitation of its resources. This is why Africa’s future is exciting and can be easily re-written because the youth should not accept the past but bravely forge a new bright path of self-reclamation.

I do not want to give away too much but this book is a short and punchy read with great prose interspersed with poetry and great quotes. Africa rise!

Watch out for Part 2 and Part 3:

Part 2 will explore Kalvyn More the change agent.

Part 3 will explore Kalvyn More’s viewpoint on the book.


More, K. K. (2015). Change is Changing: “Write Your Own Story Or Some Idiot Will”. Africa: Patridge Publishing.



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