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To say it was magical, is an understatement. If you love fashion and fashion creations, you should take the time to experience Fashion Week. I was giddy with excitement and it was a great pleasure to to join the mecca of fashion writers and fashionistas in the front row of SA Fashion Week.

SA Fashion Week is very accessible and the SAFW team are so professional and helpful that I started feeling like a part of the family.

The week can only be described as a hectic rush between classes, work and Hyde Park Corner where fashion week was being held.

From the time I sat down for the first show where Woolworths launched their 2017 “StyleBySA’ seasonal campaign, I could feel the great creative energy and excitement. The show featured a capsule collection by eight local designers who are taking the fashion scene by storm  – Rich Mnisi, Thebe Magugu, AKJP, Pichulik, Maria McCloy, Sol-Sol, Selfi and Young & Lazy.

The fashion was bold, gender-bending, artistic and accessible. So accessible that the StyleBySA capsule collections is available at Woolworths online straight from the runway. This was such a great way to boost the visibility and viability of local designers and to showcase their incredible talent. Shop here while stocks last.

Business of Fashion opines that labels that are pro “see now, buy now” seek to garner the commercial power of fashion show buzz, and do not want the lag in order to capitalise on the show’s ROI. Companies that embrace the lag allow their customers to go through the psychological process, peak levels,  and can tap into a larger market, and slowly seduce the consumer powerfully enough to convert runway into sales ( Each strategy, whether slow or see now and buy now depends on the fashion company’s straegy.

Each show began with the dramatic removal of the black cloth that covered the runway, the dimmed lights — then the great reveal.

Below are some shots that I took to record my SAFW adventure, enjoy!


Great build up – the start of the show [Own Image]
Woolworths Designers
Woolworths StyledBySA designers whose merchandise was available immediately after the show – “see now, buy now” to capitalise on teh ROI created from the show buzz [Image Source: Simon Deiner/SDR]

Day 2 SAFW [Own Image]
SAFW – Day 2 [Own Image]

SAFW – Day 2 [Own Image]

Day 1 – installation by Seisi Isabelle. SA fashion week showcased the ‘nodel’ with regular people showcasing the creative intent of the designer. Here we see phases of a woman’s life. [Own Image]
You’ve got to love SA Fashion Week!

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