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The way you serve food is as important as the way you prepare the food. You can show your guests how much you care about them by setting a beautiful table for them.

Here is a list of table setting essentials:

Crisp  table cloth

Low vases and beautiful flowers

Folded cloth napkins for a touch of elegance.

Salt and Pepper Shakers


Set with glasses that you will use throughout the dinner. Water glasses (set above the knife) and wine (red and white) glasses (to the right of the water glass); champagne flutes; and all purpose glasses.


The table should be set with only the bread plate and charger (if you wish). The charger is only used with the first course, either soup or salad, and should be cleared thereafter. You will need dinner plates; salad plates; bread-and-butter plate; charger; dessert plate and a soup bowl.


This should be set in the way it will be used with the first course silverware  farthest to the right. Any spoons needed before dessert should be placed to the right of the knives. Dessert utensils should be placed horizontally above the plate.

You will need – a salad fork; dinner fork; dinner knife; soup spoon; teaspoon; butter knife; fish fork; fish knife; and dessert fork.

Enjoy spoiling your dinner guests with great food and elegant setting.

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