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How do you arrange your bookshelf?I love books. I love reading. My bookshelf is the first thing you see when you enter our home because books are central to our lives. Books open up the mind to new adventures and maintain our curiosity. Even though I have e-books and audible books I still love the smell and feel of real paper.

Bookshelves also allow people to glean into your personality by seeing where your interests lie. And they create a space for you to display the thing that you love. They, therefore, do not have to be boring and serious. They should capture the aesthetic of your home  as well as represent your personality. In order to do that below are a few inspirational pictures and ingredients to create a great bookshelf.

  1. The bookshelf – decorate each shelf separately and lay the books down in different ways – vertically and horizontally.
  2. Your favourite books – arrange them by colour and in uneven numbers to create interesting contrasts.
  3. Artwork and Pictures – add these ro the spaces in-between the books.
  4. Accent pieces
  5. Fresh flowers / Greenery or something from nature – like sea shells.
  6. Interesting containers
  7. Objects of interest – to tickle your fancy and show your personality.
  8. Add a reading chair so you can get lost in and amongst your books

Remember bookshelves are not just for books, do you have any interesting tips on how you decorate your bookshelf?

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