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Iyanla Vanzant in her book Everyday I Pray has a prayer for difficult tasks and difficult times. Below is an extract of that prayer extracted from page 91. I capture it because sometimes life does not always go according to our plans, resulting in such difficult circumstances that you know will stretch you to grow. You know that you will grow beyond anything that you have ever imagined. It is moments when we lose our comforts, sense of the self that we were becoming and we walk through a hellish path only to emerge on the other side as better and more powerful beings. That for me represented the twasa process…unpleasant with happy spots in-between, growth, stretching, loss of friends, significant relationships, family misunderstandings and at the end … BOOM! a healer is born in order to make right that which is out of balance in families and in communities. What a privilege, I survived it, I made it and all I ask now is, how can I be of service?

As I write this I am cognisant that we all go through difficult times and what matters is we make it intact and stronger and find ourselves on the other side.

In difficult times I prayed —

Dear God,

Please remind me that I can do anything for a little while

I can do repetitive chores.

I can do unpleasant things.

I can do difficult tasks, surrounded by difficult people under the most unpleasant circumstances.

I can do all things that I have convinced myself I am afraid to do.

Please remind me that I can do anything for a little while.

I can feel uncomfortable.

I can feel inadequate, unworthy or ill-equipped and still move forward in a positive direction until I feel better.

I can feel unsure.

I can feel faith waning and my strength draining and still accomplish something good, something great, something worthwhile.

Please God remind me I can do anything for a little while.

When I feel like running away or turning around, please remind me.

When I am making excuses and trying to find a way out, please remind me.

When I am whining and complaining, please, God, remind me that no task is too small, unimportant or insignificant. Remind me what I do today will be rewarded tenfold tomorrow.

Please, God, remind me that I can do anything for a little while. And while I am doing all that has been given to me to do, remind me to give you praise for the ability to anything at all.

For the presence of your peace in the midst of all my duties, I am eternally and humbly grateful.

And So It Is!


By Taz

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