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I woke up excited at the prospect of spending my public holiday at Mount Grace Country House and Spa and I imagined what I would pack in my overnight bag and which bag would be the right size. As I was caught up in my reverie, I realised that our choice of luggage is a very personal thing and part of our self-expression. If that is true, we ought to…


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Neutrals are a great way to look polished and well put together. The best part is that you can mix your neutrals with all the other colours that you have in your wardrobe and they serve as a great addition. Here are a few suggestions for your neutral wardrobe. Neutral coat [caption id="attachment_1043" align="aligncenter" width="227"] Jil Sander Coat[/caption] Neutral cashmere scarf [caption id="attachment_1044" align="aligncenter" width="180"] Lemaire Asymmetric cashmere scarf[/caption] Neutral…


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The consideration with handbags should definitely be quality over quantity and a great leather bag will take you a long way. Tackle your core collection first then add on. There are great African and international options. YOUR EVERYDAY STRUCTURED TOTE: BLACK TOTE  Choose a great leather classic bag with feet underneath and striking hardware. You may land great business deals with a great bag. [caption id="attachment_804" align="aligncenter" width="300"][/caption] [caption…