HOME STYLE: Borrowing from Scandinavian Design

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Homes should reflect our personalities and sometimes we do need to freshen up our homes to maybe reflect the new persons who we are. If you are looking for a modern clean look that is bright and open ... you can look to Scandanavian designs for inspiration. Entry Way Inspiration Scandinavian entry ways are boldly understated with a wood flooring that is softened by rugs. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="564"] Source[/caption]…


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We work hard, we show up during the week and give our all. When it comes to the weekend, this is a time when we are more in charge of our diaries and can design the life that we desire. In order to enjoy this, we need to be more deliberate about how we approach our weekends. Wake up leisurely Allow yourself to rise a little more leisurely. Greet the…

Feeding the Coffee Fiend: Home Coffee Station Ideas

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My relationship with coffee is one of the strongest relationships in my life :-). In the morning after my bath and morning routine, I sit  down to a leisurely cup of coffee before I head out the door. I would love to create a coffee station in my home where all my coffee goodies are in one place. Below are the ingredients: [caption id="attachment_2161" align="aligncenter" width="193"] Cappuccino - Image Source:…


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We are continuing with our theme of a stylish home. A deliberately decorated home means that attention is paid to all parts and rooms of the home. All rooms should exude your essence. Bathrooms are often neglected in decor but they are an extension of your style. What do you want the feel of your whole home to be? The bathroom is the one room that your visitors are guaranteed…


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Apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller. This is good news in many ways because if you are in a smaller space it means you have less to buy to decorate your sanctuary. It is, therefore, worthwhile buying high quality furniture and accessories. I am a strong advocate of taking time to decorate your home so you buy high quality pieces that last and you make sure that your…